Fields of operation


TMS Group is oriented to be a developer of complete, synchronous and high-quality new urban areas, which brings a real life value to the inhabitants.
TMS’s customers will not only own the best housing real estate products but also be entitled to investment profit optimization with the leading resort real estate products.
TMS Group has been a reliable partner of Japan’s leading groups for nearly 15 years. Thus, “Japanese quality” is always the first criterion in any TMS’s Real Estate Products. TMS Group’s projects are invested methodically, specifically research on the market demands, are consulted for design, managed and operated by the leading prestigious brands in the world.


Tms Education Joint Stock Company – TMS Edu was established to complete the mission which is to bring the best service quality and the most practical benefits to the customers. TMS Edu provides the most convenient and economical support for the work from profession orientation consultancy, foreign training to maximum support for profiling process, visa interview, etc. These criteria are the top priority by TMS Edu in order to help students master their learning path and have the most proper decisions for the future.
TMS Edu is proud to be a member directly under Scots English College (Australia) system – 1 of the 5 number-1 English language training schools in Sydney, Scots English Australia (Vietnam), and inherits all new and the best international English language teaching knowledge and experience system, especially for IELTS and General English (Common English). Thereby, TMS Edu is confident to develop Scots English training center system in Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, and the mission to help Vietnam’s young generations to be trained on international English language the fastest and the most effectively, Scots English is expected to increase the center number to 50 centers across the country in 2018.
Besides, TMS Edu also has many years of experience in study abroad consultancy, visa and residence in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, England, EU, Singapore, Japan, Korea, etc. with training programs: Foreign Language, High School, College, University, Master and Doctor.
On basis of firm knowledge, experience base and financial potential from the parent company – TMS Group, TMS Edu is oriented to invest and build the international school system to 5* standard level, which meets high-quality education – training demand in Vietnam and the region.


TMS Jobs is proud to be a member of TMS Group - one of the most prestigious corporations in the field of commercial real estate and  hospitality.
With TMS Jobs, the business will find the right person with the highest quality candidates, in accordance with the conditions of company and shortest recruitment time. Workers always have more new job opportunities so they can work on their own without losing any cost.


TMS TRAVEL JSC is a member of TMS GROUP which does multiline and multi sector business and maintain indepth development, making the group extremely strong and stable. 
TMS TRAVEL has newly launched to work as a travel DMC for foreign partners to Vietnam and Vietnamese tourists to go aboard
TMS TRAVEL DMC will be useful to arrange the office facilities, licences, experienced working team of operation, products, tour guides, restaurants, hotels….Tms Travel’s Partners can afford to use the DMC operating in Vietnam officially, quickly, efficiently and Non-costly. Futher more, Tms Travel has registered to be a members of most famous association of travel and tour operators such as Asta, Pata, Vietnam tourism, Mata, JTA, Kata….
The travel community connecting website: of TMS Travel and Vietnam administration of tourism will be a connecting channel to the most Vietnam travel service suppliers to the World and the World to Vietnam. 
Besides that is a huge Uber travel website for travellers to book domestic and outbound tour package at special offers “Travel seller and buyers got a good deal”
The primary services provided are:
• Inbound tours 
• Outbound tours
• Domestic tours 
• Transportation Services 
• Boat / junk cruises
• Air ticket reservation 
• Business travel services​