Actively shaking hands with foreign investors: A smart step for Vietnamese real estate enterprises

Instead of single-handed in a potential real estate market, many Vietnamese real estate businesses have actively sought cooperation with foreign investors, especially Japan.

Handshake with foreign investors: Vietnam Real Estate Enterprise is ready "big game”

The fact that Vietnamese real estate enterprises actively go to foreign countries to disfuse his images and promote investment activities in the real estate market in Vietnam has shown the bravery, confidence, professionalism as well as business experienc....

What is the initiative of "shaking hands" with foreign partners and Vietnamese real estate enterprises?

Experts said that a number of real estate investors' proactive introduction of projects as well as opportunities for cooperation with foreign enterprises will create a new wind for Vietnam's real estate market. This initiative is also a testament to the b....

TMS Group seeks Japanese partners for real estate development in Vietnam

TMS Group shall provide inviting guests with useful information about the investment environment as well as new investment trends in the fields of real estate, health care, education and agriculture in Vietnam.

TMS Group connects investment with more than 500 businesses in Japan

On 8,9,10 42019, TMS Group will hold a large-scale Japanese investment promotion conference in 3 cities of Tokyo - Osaka - Fukuoka Japan.

Kick off growing the first Sakura street in Phuc Yen

On the morning of March 27, 2019, TMS Group organized the Reception and Planting Sakura Ceremony by Kairin Group & Voice of Vietnam VOV granted TMS Grand City Phuc Yen Project. This event contributed to realizing the enthusiasm of TMS Group to build the ....

Expanding the Scots English Australia international school systems network in Hanoi

On March 16 & March 17, 2019, Scots English Australia - a member of TMS Group proudly organizes the opening ceremony of Scots English International School Australia Times City and Scots English Australia Long Bien International School Hanoi.

VN real estate receiving wave of investment from Japan: TMS Homes chief

Nguyễn Xuân Hương, general director of TMS Homes, an affiliate of TMS Group, says Việt Nam is receiving a wave of investment from Japan in its property market.

Vietnam records influx of real estate investment from Japan

Tokyo VNA – Vietnam is welcoming a strong wave of investment in the property market from Japanese businesses, TMS Homes General Director Nguyen Xuan Huong said on April 4.

TMS Group and the prospect of investment cooperation with Japanese enterprises

At the “Vietnam - Japan Economic Dialogue” Workshop co-organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry JCCI in Hanoi, TMS Group has attracted the attention of Japanese investors with real es....