TMS Grand City Phuc Yen project has total area of 18.5ha, located in Hung Vuong precinct, Phuc Yen town, Vinh Phuc province, with the total investment of 1,500 billion VND, funded by TMS Land – a member of TMS Group.

Hung Vuong precinct is one of the centre precincts, plays an important role in the general development of Phuc yen town. This is the most evolutionary economic and social area in town with a large number of industrial zones, modern factories, convenient technical infrastruture (There is a road with the width of 24m connecting Highway 2 with the project).

TMS Grand City Phuc Yen is 500m far away from Highway 2 (on the new road to Me Linh) and situated next to modern factories, dense residence area, bustling trade area ... all the advantages bring the project a strong foundation to grow and success in the future. The investor spends most of the total area for traffic land, modern technical infrastructure, public works with two main products of the project include: Terrace House, Lakeside villa. All arranged around the centre sky lake creates an ideal living space as well as provides fulfilled high-grade sevices and  facilities. The system of natural lakes and parks along with the complex of regional sky lakes generate fresh air for the whole urban city.

Situated on principal roads of Phuc Yen town, after completion, the project will meet the demand of over 3000 people, provides hundreds of apartments with diversified areas and different positions in accordance with the demand as well as the financial ability of customers.

TMS Grand City Phuc Yen - a model place of green and modern life.

Project Overview

Name: TMS Grand City Phuc Yen
Location: Hung Vuong precinct – Phuc Yen town – Vinh Phuc province
Scale: 18.5 ha
Product structure:
• Terrace house: 819 houses with are ranged from 70m2 to 226m2
• Lakeside villa: 25 houses with area ranged from 150 to 239m2

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