Australian MasterChef cooperates with TMS Group to develop Vietnamese cuisine

MasterChef Tetsuya Wakuda, a familiar face on Australian television and regularly appeared in the reputable newspapers specialized in food around the world, is honored as the greatest chef on the planet, was present at Vietnam in the last days of 2018 to experience Vietnamese culinary culture and especially the dishes with traditional Tet flavor.

Being the inventor of delicious dishes with superior techniques but Tetsuya Wakuda said that he had heard a lot of Vietnamese culinary culture through his friends and always loved and admired it. It was Chairman of TMS Group who had the strongest impact on him and was the reason why Tetsuya left his restaurant in Sydney CBD - where he used to spend most of his time in the kitchen – to visit Vietnam. “The lively and attractive sharing of the Chairman of TMS Group on the unique characteristics of Vietnamese culture, including cuisine, has inspired me to come to your country to explore culture, life, people and experience the unique dishes of Vietnam ”- Mr. Tetsuya said.

Tetsuya Wakuda during his visit and working at TMS Group

Vietnamese cuisine - New inspiration

Tetsuya Wakuda had endless passion for food, he spent months experimenting with a new dish until "gourmet like him" felt really pleased. For Tetsuya, the culinary philosophy is pure. Tetsuya's mastering technique is a perfect combination between the characteristics of Asian and European culinary culture with clever creation and transformation to make wonderful dishes like cool breeze blowing the taste of diners and create subliminal emotion when enjoying.

Tetsuya pays special attention to the tradition and the details as well, which makes the difference in the dishes he cooks and puts Tetsuya restaurant on the 5th position in the ranking of 50 best restaurants in the world.

It also explains why Tetsuya loves and admires Vietnamese culinary culture with traditionally flavorful dishes. He shared: “The taste of Vietnamese dishes is unmistakable, very impressive. It is a harmonious combination of 5 flavors of salty, sweet, sour, spicy and fatty. The dishes are not only beautifully presented with the wonderful taste but also the unique sauce. In Hanoi - the capital of the Vietnamese culinary elite, I absolutely love Pho, Bun Cha. The food gives me inspiration. At the same time, the opportunity to meet and discuss with Jerry Pham – Chef of Savour Restaurant - TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach under TMS Group also enriches my knowledge of Vietnamese spices. They are extremely diverse, unique and stimulating taste".

MasterChef gets culinary experience at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

Australian MasterChef cooperates with TMS Group

"Vietnamese people make and enjoy food in different ways, the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine is processed in the blend of many ingredients and spices" - that is the feeling of MasterChef Tetsuya when enjoying dishes: Hue beef noodle , Quang noodle, Hoi An shrimp salad, rolled rice pancake ... cooked by Chef Jerry Pham at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach.

MasterChef Tetsuya said that the special thing in the journey to experience Vietnamese culinary culture was that he was introduced to many different spices which are typical of each region in this country.

“I will continue to learn more about Vietnamese spices, culinary ingredients and I am sure that with this new inspiration, Tetsuya restaurant will have new dishes to wake up the taste of diners bringing Vietnamese cuisine closer to international friends ”- expressed MasterChef Tetsuya.

The meeting between Chef Jenny Pham and MasterChef Tetsuya Wakuda

Chef Jerry Pham shared that throughout his career, he has been serving dishes for celebrities, leading politicians such as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. He is also the first Vietnamese to stand in the private restaurant of the Bahrain Royal Palace, the Muslim country is very strict about the diet and taste of food.

But being able to show off his skills with Master Chef Tetsuya Wakuda still gave him a particularly emotional feeling. The simplicity, intimacy, above all the attentive attitude; the desire to learn, discover, experience new things of Tetsuya also create more inspiration for Jerry.

More especially, in the coming cooperation program between MasterChef Tetsuya Wakuda and TMS Group, Savour restaurant of TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach as well as other restaurants throughout the TMS Hotels & Resorts system will be received the advice and support of MasterChef Tetsuya Wakuda from the food processing technique, style of service to the dining room layout in order to bring the highest satisfaction to the guests.