Historic reunion of talented chefs

Owning a prestigious restaurant ranked 5th in the Top 50 best restaurants on the planet and internationally recognized as one of the greatest chefs in the world, Australian MasterChef - Tetsuya Wakuda is always simple, friendly and especially love and admire Vietnamese culinary culture.

Recently, Chairman of TMS Group, also a close friend of Tetsuya Wakuda from the beginning of his career, has invited him to come to Vietnam to experience Vietnamese culinary culture.

Australian MasterChef meets Chef of the Bahrain Royal Palace

Tetsuya restaurant in Sydney CBD is ranked 5 out of 50 best restaurants in the world and received many awards and prizes from reputable organizations and newspapers specializing in cuisine around the world. To get dinner table at Tetsuya restaurant, diners usually have to book 3 - 6 months in advance and cannot choose the dish at will. But in return, these gourmets will be taken care of, and more importantly, the restaurant's 10-course menu as a "magic trick" will take diners from one surprise to the other. Special emotions are sublimated.

Tetsuya Wakuda was honored with The Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award of Asia

As the brightest and most successful star in Australia in culinary techniques, Tetsuya shares no special secret in cooking. He said: "Cooking is a technique, you can learn from books, from teachers but to make good food needs acumen and you have to be a gourmet." Tetsuya often spends months in his kitchen to experiment, perfect a dish or an item on the menu and he compares himself to a conductor, responsible for a chorus and thousands of spectators watching.

Delivering great food with superior techniques but Tetsuya Wakuda honestly admits that he has heard a lot of Vietnamese culinary culture through his friends and fallen in love with it. And during his first visit to TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach under TMS Group, the MasterChef has experienced typical dishes of the North, Central and South and the dishes with special flavor of the traditional New Year presented by Chef of Savour Restaurant - Jerry Pham.

The reunion of two talented chefs at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

Chef Jerry Pham studies in the US and graduated from Australian Culinary Solution. Throughout his career, Jerry has been serving food for celebrities, leading politicians such as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, etc.

Besides, he is also the first Vietnamese to cook in the private restaurant of the Bahrain Royal Palace; the Muslim country is very strict about the diet and taste. He used to work at the luxury resort - World's No. 1 - Amanresort in the Pacific. Before meeting with the talented chef of the world, Jerry Pham shared: "Being able to show my skills with Tetsuya Wakuda is my pleasure or any chef. I greatly admire Tetsuya's culinary philosophy and his master techniques”.

Vietnamese cuisine in the feeling of the MasterChef

Wishing to introduce the interesting features of Vietnamese cuisine at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach, Chef Jerry Pham has cooked the typical dishes: Hue beef noodle, Quang noodle, Cao Lau rice, Hoi An shrimp salad, rolled rice pancake, etc. "The dishes are not only beautifully presented with the wonderful flavor but the sauces are also very special" - Mr. Tetsuya shared. "Vietnamese people make and enjoy food in different ways; the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine is processed in a blend of many ingredients and spices. Under the skillful hands, unlimited creativity of the chef, I can feel the elegance, sophistication, delicious and unique taste creating a very special excitement. Vietnam is very fortunate to have many fresh vegetables, fresh seafood and unique spices, which is very important to create great food. ”

Mr. Tetsuya had interesting experiences on Vietnamese cuisine at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

Taking a look at the buffet breakfast area of the restaurant, Mr. Tetsuya Wakuda uttered in surprise: “Too impressive! Everything is presented richly and beautifully. I've never seen a restaurant with such an attractive fruit stall. All local fruits are very fresh, colorful and stimulating the taste of diners”.

“Finally one thing that makes me happy is that the hotel staffs are very professional and dedicated. Besides good food, the way of serving is also an important factor that brings satisfaction to customers and makes the success of the restaurant”, added Tetsuya Wakuda.

From Tetsuya Wakuda’s perspective, the culinary culture is representative of a country, so the chef should seek inspiration from the roots and history of his country. Therefore, Tetsuya Wakuda appreciates the typical Vietnamese cuisine that is included in TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach's restaurant. That will help international tourists staying at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach get interesting experiences in their journey.