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18 . 11 . 2019

100 TMS Group athletes participated in the Kizuna Ekiden 2019 running relay race

100 employees of TMS Group were excited to participate in the running relay race event - "Kizuna Ekiden 2019 - Run for Traffic Safety" to convey the message of cohesion and friendship, contribute to spreading the decoction, and improve traffic safety awareness in the community.

In the morning of November 17th, at Hoan Kiem Lake area (Hanoi), the running relay race event "Kizuna Ekiden 2019 - Run for Traffic Safety" organized by the Ministry of Public Security and Mainichi newspaper took place in a joyful, inspired atmosphere and solidarity between Vietnam and Japan.

Kizuna Ekiden 2019 quy tụ hơn 1000 VĐV đến từ 250 đội thi

Kizuna Ekiden 2019 brought together more than 1,000 athletes from 250 teams

More than 1,000 athletes from 250 teams from Vietnam and Japan participated the Kizuna Ekiden running relay race this year.

Together with the exciting atmosphere of the Kizuna Ekiden 2019 running relay race, the participation of more than 100 TMS Group athletes in the run created impressive moments. The words "TMS Group" on the red shirts appeared on every corners around the Ly Thai To monument, Hoan Kiem Lake area.


100 VĐV TMS Group tham gia giải chạy tiếp sức tức “Việt Nam Kizuna Ekiden 2019 - Chạy vì an toàn giao thông”

100 TMS Group athletes participated in the running relay race "Vietnam Kizuna Ekiden 2019 - Run for Traffic Safety"

Các VĐV TMS hào hứng trước vạch xuất phát

TMS players are excited at the starting line

Throughout the tournament, all 25 teams of TMS Group successfully completed the 14 km long track to convey the message of cohesion, friendship, contributed to spread the profound values and raise the awareness of traffic safety in the community.

Sát cánh bên nhau trong sắc đỏ TMS Group

Side by side together in the red color of TMS Group

Tổng giám đốc Nguyễn Việt Phương xuất sắc về đích kết thúc chặng đua dài 14km của Team 8 – TMS Group

General Director Nguyen Viet Phuong successfully finished the 14km long race of Team 8 - TMS Group

This is the second year that the Kizuna Ekiden Prize was held in Vietnam. This unique form of running relay race "Ekiden" originated from Japan (Ekiden prize was first held in 1917 in Japan by Yomiuri Shimbun Magazine, ran 3 days with a total distance of 508 km to commemorate the capital relocation day from Kyoto to Tokyo). "Kizuna" in Japanese means "friendship". Because of this coherent meaning, the form of running relay race "Ekiden" was chosen to celebrate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan from 2018.

Bóng hồng xinh đẹp của TMS Group sải những bước chạy đầy nhiệt huyết.

The beautiful athlete of TMS Group run with enthusiasm.

Nụ cười rạng rỡ trong sự gắn kết, sẻ chia của tình đồng nghiệp

Smile brightly in the cohesion and sharing of colleagues

 Like other Ekiden tournaments, Kizuna Ekiden takes place in the form of run relaying. Each team consists of 4 people, each of whom will run 3.4 km - the equivalent of 2 rounds around Hoan Kiem Lake before handing over the Tasuki ribbon to the next person.

Các VĐV TMS Group chụp hình lưu niệm trước tượng đài Vua Lý Thái Tổ

TMS Group athletes took photos in front of the statue of Ly Thai To King

 Leading the athlete team of TMS Group at the race, Mr. Nguyen Viet Phuong, General Director of TMS Group shared: "The running relay race of Kizuna Ekiden 2019 is not only an opportunity for the employees in the whole Group to exercise fitness, express the co-operation of colleagues but also spread the message of traffic safety to the community. Moreover, TMS Group would like to further strengthen the friendship and good cooperation with Japan in general, with Japanese people and businesses in particular for the 16 years of cooperation and development with TMS Group.”


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