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03 . 12 . 2019

TMS School and its own mark in preschool education

Believing that the mission of education is to make people happier, TMS School- a member of TMS Group, has chosen a direction with different values which require a lot of effort and dedication in ordet to build a real " Happy school" for future generations.

Enlightenment of humanity - Pursuing an educational philosophy full of humanism

2 - 6 years old is the golden age that determines intellectual development as well as forms a personality. Therefore, pre-school education plays a very important role in the future lives of children. Thus, today most parents give careful consideration when choosing the first school for their children.

In recent years, early childhood education has become a trend in Vietnam. Even small private kindergartens raise the slogan of early childhood education with Montessori, Glenn Doman ... However, whether these methods are implemented as advertised or not, not every unit dare to affirm. In that context, TMS School is one of the pioneering schools applying advanced educational methods such as STEM, Montessori and being trusted by parents.

Giờ học say mê và hạnh phúc của những em bé TMS School

Passionate and happy school hours of the children at TMS School

STEM education method is an interdisciplinary approach that is very popular in the United States and European countries. The educational philosophy of this method is to provide students with the connection, application of common knowledge and skills to solve practical problems in life. Meanwhile, Montessori method promotes freedom in forming personality, enabling children to develop according to their own abilities. These are 2 modern methods of education, promoting creativity and independence of each person. These models are very popular in the US but still quite new in Vietnam. As one of the pioneering schools to bring these education methods to Vietnam, TMS School is making great strides in teaching

“TMS School does not teach children how to do thing, we create an environment to awaken their positive emotions and endless potentials, because we believe there is a genius inside every child" – said Mr. Ngo Van Bac, The Principal of TMS School.

International-standard “Happy school”

At TMS School, the teachers, both domestic and foreign teachers, have many years of teaching experience and are really dedicated to the profession. The school is led by Mr. Ngo Van Bac, A master and Expert in STEM training program and Ms. Thanh Huong, graduated from Boja Academy (Korea).

As a member of TMS Group, TMS School has outstanding advantages from the Group's ecosystem in order to become a true “Happy school”. TMS School is working comprehensively with Hanoi - Tokyo Hospital to ensure the safety and health of its children. All branches of TMS School have 5-star standard Hanoi -Tokyo Hospital healthcare room. The school also conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the children by using the Biometric Fingerprint method and Experiential Learning.

TMS School, nơi phát hiện và phát huy tối đa khả năng thiên bẩm của trẻ

TMS School, where children's innate abilities are discovered and maximized

Through Biometric fingerprints, teachers will discover the innate tendency of each child together with Experiential Learning to activate aptitudes, overcome weaknesses and advise parents how to interact appropriately with their children in order to maximize the children’s innate potentials.

Designed in accordance with the European-standard multi-purpose school model, TMS School has modern facilities including classrooms, function room, art room, mini golf course, sand lake and Sasuke playgrounds in a 800m2 space. Every learning or playing space at TMS School is designed to provide children a physical, energetic and personality training environment.

TMS School đề cao phát triển thể lực và trí lực song hành

TMS School gives prominence to both physical and mental development of children

Dedication of a leading Group to the future generation

TMS Group is Vietnam's leading private multi-sector group, operating in the fields of Real Estate, Tourism, Retail - Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture…

TMS School system is built from the dedication of TMS Group to the future of Vietnamese children. On the journey towards the goal of becoming a leading private multi-sector group in Vietnam, TMS Group has considered education as a core business to be well-invested with the mission of improving the quality of Vietnamese life and dedicated to creating sustainable living values.

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