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Real estate

Choosing “Class – Quality – Difference” as a development guildine, TMS Group focuses on investment in 05 main product groups:

1. Residential Properties
2. Hotels & Resorts
3. Entertainment Properties
4. Retails Properties
5. Farms

Real estate product groups:


Providing a full range of dosmetic and international tours, owning a chain of 3 star to 5 star hotels as well as shopping destinations, train and passenger car system, air tickets agents, entertainment areas, etc.

Retail – Commerce

With the strengths and experience available in international investment cooperation activities, TMS Group is a trade bridge between Vietnam and the world through import and export activities, especially exports of agriculture - forestry - fishery commodities contributing to poverty reduction as well as increasing income for Vietnamese farmers. Moreover, we are simultaneously developing chains of: Supermarkets, trade centers, duty free shops, etc.


Developing an international standard education system, including a chain of schools from pre-school to university and the leading chain of overseas study consultancy companies in Vietnam, thereby helping the young generation of Vietnam to become global citizens - The future talented leaders of the country.


Focusing on 3 main categories:

1. International standard clinic chain with hi-tech applied
2. Pharmacy chain
3. Spa chain in mixed style of Japanese Onsen and Vietnamese tradition


- Investing in vegetable farms serving employees and customers of TMS Group.

- Owning farms and processing plants: dragon fruit, coffee, cashew, macadamia, pepper, etc.

Business Ecosystem

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