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20 . 02 . 2020

Pullman Quy Nhon hotel officially recruited hundred of employees for the first time.

On Feb- 16, hundreds of candidates successfully conquered the employer at the "Job Fair" and were admitted to Pullman Quy Nhon Hotel (TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach project).

This program organized by Pullman Quy Nhon - the first international brand 5-star hotel in Quy Nhon - to find suitable candidates working at the hotel in the near future. The event attracted thousands of participants, mainly includes Binh Dinh and nearby region-based workers.

The "Job Fair" giving hundreds of new job opportunities for Quy Nhon youth.

The hotel expected to recruit nearly 1,000 positions such as: restaurants staff, room services staff, spa, sales and marketing, accountants, engineers, securities ... After the job fair, the employer has found hundreds of qualified candidates with skills match job requirements.

“Our motto is prioritizing young, qualified and progressive human resources, we will have many activities to support and improve our staffs after admission. As a 5-star international luxury hotel, we will focus on training to have professional staff, meet the most rigorous standards in hotel management and operation “ said Pullman Quy Nhon representative.

Pullman Quy Nhon employers interviewed candidates directly

At the end of 2019, the hotel is officially named Pullman Quy Nhon, right after TMS Group signed cooperation agreement with Accor Group - a leading hotel management and operation with Pullman brand.

All operation processes at Pullman Quy Nhon Hotel will meet international 5-star standards. To meet this goal, the representative of Pullman Quy Nhon also identified that the staff is the key factor for the success or failure of the project and will focus on training methodically and thoroughly right from recruitment. This is also an opportunity for Pullman Quy Nhon employees to improve their qualifications and professional skills under the guidance of the world's leading hotel management experts.

Some photos from the event:

Candidate presented early to join “Jobs Fair”

Most of candidates are young workers, currently living and working in Binh Dinh and neighboring central provinces

Recruited candidates will have the opportunity to receive professional training to improve their qualifications and professional skills to meet the international 5-star standard.

The event got success more than expected, giving candidates opportunities to develop their career and personal development in the future.

It is expected that after opening, Pullman Quy Nhon hotel will continue to recruit more staff and constantly expand in the near future.

Interested candidates please contact the hotline 0889426655 or email  for more information.


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