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14 . 02 . 2020

Pullman Quy Nhon Hotel recruits hundreds of positions

Pullman Quy Nhon Hotel of TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach project of TMS Group will hold a "Job Fair" in Quy Nhon on February 16 to recruit hundreds of employees.

This is the first recruitment in 2020 of Pullman Quy Nhon, giving opportunities for candidates who are desired to upgrade their careers and personal development in the field of luxury resorts in general and hotels in particular.

“We take for granted that people is the decisive factor for the success or failure of each project, we are especially interested in highly qualified, young, progressive and well-trained employees in the hotel sector and will have special remuneration to attract talents ”- said TMS Group representative.

This time, Pullman Quy Nhon recruits hundreds of positions, including: restaurant staff, suite & rooms operation, kitchens staff, spa staff, sales and marketing, engineers, securities. After being admitted, candidate will be trained to improve their professional skills to fulfill job requirements with competitive income by Pullman Quy Nhon.

Beside, The workers from Central region, especially Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province will be given priority this time.

In 2019, TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach signed the cooperation contract with Accor Group specializing in 5-star hotels management and operation with Pullman brand. This also marked the first time, there is an presence of an international resort management brand in Binh Dinh, raising up the value of Pullman Quy Nhon in customer investment options and turning Binh Dinh tourism to an advance stage.

This strategic cooperation between TMS Group and Pullman, Pullman Quy Nhon has realized the prestige and commitment of the investor to customers through special and bold path. Instead of self-operating or using Vietnamese brands to manage and operate like many other domestic projects, Pullman Quy Nhon has pioneered to bring Binh Dinh an international standard management and operation. Pullman Quy Nhon is expected to become a top quality choice for Vietnam and international tourists, promote Vietnam tourism positon in the world market.

Pullman Quy Nhon - the first 5-star international hotel in Binh Dinh is going to recruit talents soon

Created by TMS Group - an investor with 16 years of experience, with real estate as a key factor, Pullman Quy Nhon hotel is supported by strong financial capacity from the Group.

TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach is expected to open in April 2020. Therefore, the Pullman Quy Nhon hotel will have an constantly increasing demand for human resources recruitment in the near future.

Information about the Recruitment Day:

Time: February 16, 2020

Location: Huong Viet Hotel, 102 Xuan Dieu, Quy Nhon City

Interested candidates please contact the hotline 088 942 66 55 or email:

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