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19 . 12 . 2019

TMS Trading – “Spectacular” step to conquer the retail market

According to statistics, Vietnam import-export turnover in 2018 and the first 9 months of 2019 increased sharply beyond expectation. The contribution of private sector plays a significant role in this success, in which TMS Trading (a member of TMS Group specializing in retail) is a name that cannot be ignored.

Importing consumer goods - prestige is a vital factor

Choosing essential consumer goods such as rice oil, olive oil, wine, supplements, organic foods ... TMS Trading has paved the way into a potential land when the demand is increasing rapidly; however, it also means that TMS Trading accepts an environment of fierce competition. So, what makes TMS Trading confident and quickly occupy its position in a very short time since joining the sector?

“As consumers have more information, they have much smarter and more rational choices. The type of environment is always available for those doing their business transparently and taking prestige as the core value in all activities such as TMS Trading in particular and TMS Group in general. All products imported by TMS Trading have clear and trusted origin from reputable suppliers in the world ” said TMS Trading representative discussing this issue.

The world's best wines are distributed by TMS Trading in Vietnam.

With TMS Trading, sustainable business does not simply means bringing quality products to consumers but also introducing them the stories behind, and bringing positive emotions when products are used. For instance, with Hamilton Island wines that the company is distributing, TMS Trading aspires to bring customers not only the premium drinks of the civilized world, but also the best of culture and art.

Increasing export value of agricultural products through technology

Understanding that the price and quantity of Vietnam agricultural products are still unstable due to raw and unprocessed products’ exports, TMS Trading has cooperated with leading partners in the world such as India, Denmark, Middle East, China, Korea, Japan, and the US to transfer and apply post-harvest preservation and processing technologies in order to increase the value of Vietnamese agricultural products.

TMS Trading representative joined “India- ASEAN Business Summit”

TMS Trading has invested in processing technology lines in agricultural raw material areas in Vietnam such as Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Binh Thuan, Ben Tre, Tien Giang ... For example: Pepper processing machine, Dragon fruit washing machine, Fruit packing and drying machines, ultra-clean washing technology; German standards refrigeration technology; Coffee, Pepper, Cashew roasting technology...

It is expected that in the coming time, TMS Trading will invest and apply origin tracking technology to every export fruit; Barcode (QR code) scanning technology on imported products; Apply advanced and modern production management technology to improve productivity such as plant growth monitoring system, automatic watering system ...; Apply ERP operating system in production and business. These investments are aimed to give consumers the best quality of import-export products, affirming the position of Vietnam's agricultural product brand in the world.

TMS Trading, established in September 2018, is a trading company specializing in importing fresh food to Vietnam and exporting Vietnamese agricultural products to the world market. As a member of TMS Group, TMS Trading operates consistently in the spirit of sustainable development, aiming to build TMS Group to become a leading multi-sector private group in Vietnam.

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