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09 . 01 . 2020

Year End Party 2019 – Party of cohesion and faith of victory

Welcoming 2020, "Year End Party 2019 - Appreciation Journey of Passion" were jubilantly celebrated by Board of Directors and all employees of TMS Group at the National Convention Center

In the luxurious and cozy atmosphere at hall of the National Convention Center, the Board of Directors and all staffs of TMS Group had memorable moments looking back on the past year and summarizing the achievements.

2019 is a special year for TMS Group in every aspect. By their enthusiasm, tireless efforts, all members of TMS Group have overcome all difficulties and challenges to achieve such proud achievements. This is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors to reward and honor outstanding achievements team and individuals for their contribution to the overall development of TMS Group on the journey to affirm its strong position to become Vietnam's leading private multi-sector group.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan - Chairman of the Board of Directors highly appreciated the efforts of all employees throughout the year, and also shared the development directions, goals and tasks of TMS Group in 2020.

“In the future, TMS Group will continue to make more significant changes towards the long-term goals. By commitment, quality, speed, efficiency, our mission is creating the best products in all business sectors, bringing true values to society. In order to do that, I hope that, from the Board of Director to all employees, we must make more efforts, be more creative, dare to fight, sacrifice, overcome all challenges, complete missions and objectives of 2020, making TMS Group a leading multi-sector economic group in Vietnam” said the Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan.

Take the spirit of the theme "Appreciation Journey of Passion", "Year End Party 2019" not only delivered deep messages on the journey of aspiration, passion and faith of victory, but also brought rewarding emotions, rememberable moments to all employees of TMS Group. The stage was full of vibrant and cheerful bustling songs of Spring together with radiant smiles of the cohesion, sharing between colleagues.

Consequently, solidarity seems to grow up in each person, arouse beliefs, wills, ambitions and passions to achieve towards a prosperous new year 2020; take part in the journey to make TMS Group stronger and stronger.

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