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04 . 12 . 2019

MB Bank and TMS Group joined hands together for comprehensive cooperation

Following the effective cooperation process since 2017, TMS Group and Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) officially embarked on a comprehensive cooperation on December 3, 2019 - marking an important step in the deep and wide cooperation relationship, also enhancing the competitiveness of two organizations under the international integration.

The cooperation agreement between MB Bank – “Top 5 efficient and secure banks” and TMS Group – “one of the leading real estate corporation in Vietnam” aims at taking advantages and promoting the strengths of each organization in the above areas, thereby building a strong customer base and strengthen both parties’ commercial activities.

Đại diện Lãnh đạo hai bên thực hiện các nghi thức ký kết hợp tác

Representatives of the Leaders of both parties performed the signing ceremony of cooperation

Delivered the speech at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Viet Phuong - General Director of TMS Group said: “On the basis of building, developing and building trust with customers with the commitment of prestige and quality, TMS Group is always looking for and choosing to cooperate with the leading partners in Vietnam and foreign countries on a global scale. This is also the reason why we choose to cooperate with Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) - one of the most prestigious banks in Vietnam, providing modern and convenient banking and financial products and services based on the international standards”.

Tổng giám đốc TMS Group – Nguyễn Việt Phương phát biểu tại lễ ký kết

TMS Group General Director - Nguyen Viet Phuong delivered the speech at the signing ceremony

According to the signed agreement, MB will continue to be one of the focal points for funding the projects that TMS Group will deploy. TMS Group is committed to prioritizing the use of banking services provided by MB. At the same time, MB will prioritize the use of hotel, resort, tourism, medical services ... within the ecosystem of TMS Group.

Toàn cảnh lễ ký kết TMS Group và MB Bank

Overview of the signing ceremony

 Previously, in 2017, MB and TMS Group established partner relationship with the financial guarantee agreement for the TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach and TMS Grand City Phuc Yen projects. Currently, these two projects have successfully come into operation with positive welcome signals from numerous customers, residents and investors. TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach always has the room rate of up to 80%, attracting a large number of tourists for visiting, traveling and relaxing. Additionally, TMS Grand City Phuc Yen urban area was built based on Japanese standards, which brings an ideal green living space to residents in the area and contributes to a prosperous appearance of Phuc Yen city in particular, and Vinh Phuc province in general.

Sự kiện đánh dấu bước tiến quan trọng trong mối quan hệ hợp tác sâu rộng giữa MB và TMS Group

The event marked an important step in the extensive cooperation between MB and TMS Group

 TMS Group, with 16 years of development, is known as a multi-sector economic group operating in the fields of Real Estate, Tourism, Retail - Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture. In particular, Real Estate is considered as a key field. With the orientation of sustainable development, the vision to become a prestigious real estate developer, TMS Group aims to build luxury real estate projects with ecological community, accomplished utilities and become the number one bright spot on economy and culture in each locality where TMS Group is present.

Meanwhile, MB, after 25 years of establishment and development, has affirmed its leading position in the top of the best secure and effective banks, and one of the 10 largest profitable corporations in the country.

The signing ceremony of comprehensive cooperation between TMS Group and MB was an important step to enhance the competitiveness of the two organizations under the trend of global economic integration. Based on the unique advantages of each enterprise, both parties will support each other and promote all the advantages to bring the best business results, continue to develop faster and more sustainable in the future.

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