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26 . 11 . 2019

TMS Group: From global cooperation to international stature

TMS Group creates products of international stature by combining the available resources of the business with modern and trendy elements through "shaking hands" with many leading brands in the world.

International stature

Facing the competition of the domestic real estate market, many big investors cooperate with the "giants" in the world to bring Vietnam the products and projects of international quality but still familiar and suitable for indigenous culture. Among these, it is impossible not to mention the TMS Group, a multi-sector corporation that is making several strides from promoting international cooperation.

The founder of TMS Group is Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan, Chairman of the Board, a global Vietnamese businessman with many years of experience in business activities in the strong economies such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA, Australia, Europe, etc. It is known that Mr. Nguyen Ba Luan is the Chairman of the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association in Sydney (VEAS) who has made many contributions in connecting the business community with the world.

Currently, TMS Group develops strongly on the path of professionalization and internationalization of products and services, making a difference in quality race with other brands in the market.

In Da Nang, TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach was established based on the design ideas of Pure Creations - a prestigious design consultancy in Austria. The project blends each modern European dynamic design line with minimalist, elegant and classy Japanese style.

TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach

TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach - New architectural icon in the heart of the coastal city

In Binh Dinh, the 5-star hotel and travel apartment complex TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach becomes a new architectural symbol of Quy Nhon city, designed by CallisonRTKL - an US brand ranked 8th in the Top 100 World's leading design company with famous constructions from five continents.

Besides, TMS Grand City Phuc Yen urban area (Vinh Phuc) is built according to Japanese standards with living space in harmony with nature, from the green walking park, the Biwaco regulating lake, to the road overshadowed of cherry trees.

TMS Grand City Phuc Yen - Khu đô thị chuẩn Nhật giữa lòng thành phố Phúc Yên

TMS Grand City Phuc Yen - A Japanese standard urban area in the heart of Phuc Yen city

Most recently, in July 2019, TMS Group signed a cooperation agreement with B+H Global - the leading architectural design organization in Canada to bring architectural design solutions to high-end real estate projects in the future.

Modern "breath", fashionable service

In order to create an international standard for real estate project, TMS Group has "embarked" with Accor to manage and operate the TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach.

Accor owns 38 luxury brands, presents in 110 countries with 4,900 hotels and resorts worldwide. Being known for its rigor in selecting partners, Accor was ultimately conquered by TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach - the highest 42-floor resort project in Quy Nhon city with unique and impressive design.

In addition to choose a well-known operating management organization, TMS Group cooperates with reputable partners in the world to form an international-style utility system at all hotels and resorts of TMS Group. With TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach, visitors can enjoy 6-star service quality and unique culinary space converging fine dishes such as: Wine, lamb, beef imported from Australia. TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach included a 5-star Gym-Fitness and Spa chain with the quintessence of Japanese cuisine, Shiki Japanese, one of the most luxurious restaurants at The Rocks - Sydney, Australia.

Specifically, TMS Group also choose to cooperate with the famous Australian "King of Chefs" - Tetsuya Wakuda to develop a system of Asian and European restaurants at the Group's hotels and resorts.

Nhà hàng tiêu chuẩn 5 sao của TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach

TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach's 5-star restaurant

 The close cooperation relations with foreign partners shows the right direction of TMS Group in approaching modern and advanced elements of developed countries. Thereby, TMS Group enhances the quality of real estate products, meets the increasing needs of customers and the investor community in Vietnam.


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